Happy Hour

Feel good and Function well with Happy Hour training

Make Necessary Steps to Change Your Habits for the Better

The Happy Hour programme combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches fool-proof and creative ways to boost mood, overcome stress and develop resilience, participants learn evidence based techniques that will easily become part of daily routines.

It’s all about putting it into practice because as one famous phrase from psychology says: “if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got”.

Each session lasts for 60 minutes and provides information, creative mood enhancing activity and group discussion. The Happy Hour programme is suitable for workplace or studying wellbeing and can be run at lunchtime or after hours. The sessions can also be combined and delivered in a day or 1/2 day programme.

I have started to see the impact of these fabulous sessions in my personal life. I’m also sharing these sessions with my partner who is getting happier due to your admirable efforts. Thank you very much indeed.”

The sessions:

Happy 1: An introduction to the science of happiness & wellbeing

wellbeingIn the first session, as well as learning about wellbeing and happiness, you can also create a wellbeing journal, to work on the exercises and activities you will learn in the happy hour workshops.

Happy 2: Appreciating & savouring

Time to attend to, appreciate, and enhance positive experiences in our lives is often lacking. The goal of this happy hour session will be to experience different savouring practices, to find out how to increase the frequency of “time outs” from ordinary ongoing life – as research has shown that frequency and intensity of positive affect are largely independent.

In other words, the frequency of savouring experiences is a stronger predictor of the overall level of happiness than is the intensity of the positive experience (Diener, Sandvik, & Pavot, 1991).

Happy 3: Humour & playfulness

“Life is too serious to be taken seriously.” (Oscar Wilde)

In this session we will look at the role that humour and playfulness have in wellbeing. You will also rediscover or enhance your own sense of fun, and find out how to put yourself on a playful path.

Happy 4: Emotion & optimism

In this session we will experience tools that will help you to increase the flexibility of your outlook and broaden and build positive emotional experiences. It is important to note that the goal is not about to obtaining blind optimism, but realistic optimism.

Happy 5: Playing to your strengths

Knowing your character strengths isn’t just interesting information. When skillfully applied, character strengths can actually have a significant positive impact on your life. Find out how you can use your character strengths to buffer against, manage and overcome problems, improve your relationships and enhance your wellbeing.

Happy 6: Living a life you value

Values outline what is important to us in terms of our conduct, our interaction with others and how we might live our lives in a meaningful way. However, gaining insight in your core values can be challenging task. In this session we will use a tools designed to facilitate awareness of values. You will also have the opportunity to create a vision board to represent your core values.

Happy 7: Mindfulness & kindfulness

Mindfulness practice helps us to become more aware of the present moment, can help us enjoy the world around us more and understand ourselves better. Over time, mindfulness practice can also help us to develop awareness of how thoughts have the power to shape how we feel, both positively and negatively. By becoming aware of their impact on our emotions, we can learn to disrupt a negative cycle or initiate a positive spiral of thinking and feeling. Kindfulness refers to the practice of using mindful practices to develop compassion and self-compassion. In this session you will experience a pocketful of mindfulness & kindfulness – short, simple practices that you can build into your everyday routine.

Happy 8: Building Positive relationships

One of top predictors of happiness is the positive relationships a person has in their life. In this session we will look at how to cultivate positive relationships with the people in your personal, social and working lives. There is also a reciprocating benefit to positive relationships, so we will also explore what altruism and selflessness can do for a relationship.