Training & Coaching

trainingI have worked with PhD students and early career researchers as a trainer (and soon to be coach) for 8 years, and have made many genuine and meaningful connections in that time that have given me examples and experiences that I bring into the activities I create. Ensuring that my sessions are engaging, relevant, interactive, enjoyable and useful.

Training & Facilitation

I regularly deliver original experiential learning sessions to researchers at UK universities. I have expertise in creating evidence-based training programmes that draw on recent academic research, here are some of the courses I have created and currently or recently facilitated:

happy-hourThe Happy Hour

The Happy Hour programme is a series of sessions designed to help people to build better habits and develop new routines, to increase happiness and improve wellbeing.

This course is suitable for workplace and student wellbeing.


What are you lemons?

Building Your Emotional Resilience

The most important thing to know about resilience is that, although we all have differing personal qualities that effect how we respond to difficulty, change and growth – resilience skills can be developed, whatever your starting point is. This workshop is all about how you can build your emotional resilience to respond positively to whatever life throws at you, and make the most of opportunities.

How to Manage Your Stress

I help participants to manage their stress by explaining the relationship between stress, performance, and wellbeing. Focusing in on what stress means to them, the factors and situations that cause them stress, the signs and symptoms of stress, and specific actions they can to takeĀ  to manage their stress.